Free In House Artwork Design Consultation

We will come to you and help with that difficult decision on what artworks suits your space. 


Custom Designed Artworks


Contact Glenn to arrange your FREE in house Artwork Design Consultation

Original Artworks Custom Design Art Studio

Original Artworks are available For Sale

Ready to take home and hang in your home or business but if you cannot find the one that is perfect for your interior design needs we will quote to create a custom artwork in any style, size or colour palette.


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Interior Design Artwork Ideas


Corporate Artworks

Art Fusion can create artworks to suit your corporate requirements including company logos and colours.

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We offer a FREE in office artwork design consultation service

Learn Abstract Art Online Instant Downloads

Learn in the comfort of your own home

or studio with easy step-by-step Art Lessons that really work.

Download the Abstract Art Lessons

Glenn will begin to teach you all the secrets of creating amazing abstract artworks in exciting lessons suitable for beginners or experienced artists.


24 Individual Abstract Art Lesson Downloads




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Custom Interior Design Artworks
Live Abstract Art Lesson Demonstration
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Custom Design Artworks

Art Fusion Studio & Art Gallery Sydney will create large format original artworks to suit your home decor.

Want to see how an artwork will look on your wall?

Select the artwork that is right for your home by using our online artwork design service.

Custom Design Artworks. Email us a photo of your room with the wall you would like the artwork on, with the height and width of the wall,  select an artwork from our website or send a photo of an artwork you have found yourself and we can super impose the artwork on your wall to show you what the artwork looks like in your home.

We will advise and design the correct size artwork to suit your space.  We will also offer a number of different style options that we think will suit your home.

Our job is to create and design an artwork that is unique to you and compliments your home decor.

This is a free service that we offer to all of our clients so feel free to contact us.

For more information click the links below for examples of artwork installations and ideas