Art Lesson Worldwide Feedback

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Hi Glenn and team, I have enclosed 2 Geometric paintings I created using your principles from Series 7 DVD. In the 2 paintings below I have used Atelier interactive Acrylic interactive paint. I have found the use of atelier Heavy gel gloss with the blue masking tap has enabled me to produce nice Sharp edges. The top painting is 76×120. The bottom painting is 82×82. in this painting I have combined the heavy gel gloss with the red to give some texture as well. Your tutorial series DVD’s have given me hours of enjoyment in my golden years

Many thanks Glenn

Cheers Pat Valmadre Australia (Geometric Art Lesson)


To Glen and staff

Thank you all for your inspiration, my friend and I get together every week to paint. I have had so much fun bringing out the creativity that lives within me.

Once again thank you

Barbara Australia (Carnivale, Meltdown, Flowers & Galaxy Art Lessons)


I love your lessons very much. I am very glad to find you via internet. I am painting since January this year. It is a kind of self-therapy due to my mother’s death in December last year.

Regards Helene from sunny Germany (Carnivale, Dandelion, Flowers & Confetti Art Lessons)


Thank you again Glenn for teaching the Carnivale technique. I enjoyed creating this painting and really like the finished product! Will now try it with the Red background.
Thank you!

Dawn Bearden (Carnivale Art Lesson)


Good evening Glenn, I just wanted to say thank you for your videos. I am a busy mum of 2 toddlers and find painting very calming. The only problem is I was never fully satisfied with my work. Since watching your videos I have been doing a lot of paintings and have had some interest from friends and family for me to create them a piece for their home for some pocket money. I have attached my latest one inspired from your Galaxy technique.

Thank you again

Casey (Galaxy Art Lesson)


I am so glad that I found you and your downloads. Attached my latest outworks.

Regards from Germany

Helene (Meltdown & Carnivale Art Lessons)


Toni Hughs (Australia)

I am really glad that I found you. House paints, cheap paints, whatever we like to use, you encourage. I can view my DVD art
lessons at any time and I don’t have to pay for lessons. With your wonderful instructions, I can make whatever I like.

(Blizzard, Avalanche & Galaxy Art Lessons)


Milena Brekalo (Wangaratta Australia)

Here is one of the pictures I did using the galaxy video. It started different in my head and as I was doing it, it took a life of its own. Finger painting at its best.

(Galaxy Art Lesson)


Daniel (Australia)

Hi Glenn just wanted to share my painting with you that was inspired by your online video art demonstrating your fluid drip techniques. My wife wanted an abstract painting for our spare room and wanted me to do something for her but I have never painted anything other than a house in my life so had no idea where to start. I watched your video and had a crack at it with the colour scheme she wanted for the house. This is what I came up with.

(Meltdown Art Lesson)


Elizabeth (Canada)

I have just gotten back into painting after being ill for the past year. Here are two of the latest that I have done. I am still a bit rusty but will keep at it.

(Horizon & Galaxy Art Lessons)



Hello Mr. Farquhar,

This is the first time I tried fluid acrylics to make this effect. I have enjoyed your video and doing this Art work! Thank you.

(Avalanche Art Lesson)


KAREN IRWIN (New Zealand)

I have only started painting this year and find your DVD’s quite useful, not sure if I could ever just leave a galaxy painting intact but I will try a couple more just to see.

(Geometric Art Lesson)



I made this piece using the galaxy technique. It is 18″ x 24″ on artists paper. I call it the beehive. It was super fun to create something so beautiful. Once framed it looks super nice and expensive. Only Glenn and I know the truth how easy it was to make. Your videos are quite inspiring. Thank you.

(Galaxy Art Lesson)


REBECCA PAMPLIN (United Kingdom)

I thought I would share with you the Dandelion piece I created for my dining room after watching your tutorial, so pleased with the outcome and so simple yet a wonderful effect !! Anyway thanks again for your advice, Take care and Happy Painting !!

(Dandelion Art Lesson)


SUSAN ALLSOP (Australia)

Hi Glenn, Attached are my zebra’s I am going to try the lion using the same method.

(Zebra Art Lesson)



Hello Glenn, how are you? As you can see I continue working and always painting. Here goes one artwork (Blizzard) after I saw the Tutorial DVD. I added some olympic gold, and I loved it. The technique is awsome. As I paint I will send you the art works.

Best regards, and happy painting.

(Blizzard Art Lesson)


Jonny Fredheim 45 years from Oslo Norway. I did some oil and acrylic painting as a hobby almost 15 years ago. My art education is only a evening coarse at “Det Levende Verksted” in Oslo. For many years i did not paint at all, until i found your videos on YouTube. You have inspired me to start painting again, so by this email i want to say: “Thank you”. Simplicity is often the best way to do things. I did 2 pieces of your style Tribal Unity after a video coarse on your website. Pretty happy with the results. 100cm x 80cm and 100cm x 50cm. Happy painting “down under”

(Tribal Unity Art Lesson)


ELISH Neill (Belfast Ireland)

Hi Glenn, Please find attached my first attempt at the Zebra. I really enjoyed painting this piece of art work by using the grid method. Not bad for a first attempt I hope.

(Zebra Art Lesson)


Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous series of art lessons you have created. Your teaching style is second to none – anyone can understand and follow along with what you are teaching – a rare gift. Apart from that, re-creating your lessons on canvas is the BEST FUN I have had in years. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to put paint on canvas. Can’t wait for any new lessons.

(Blizzard Art Lesson)


VIVIEN NELSON (Ontario Canada)

Hi Glen,Greetings from Ontario, Canada. Enclosed is my Zebra painting which I am delighted with. Thank you for the clear and concise instructions which helped to make this a very happy painting. Best wishes Vivien

(Zebra Art Lesson)


LILY CRESSMAN (Flower Mound Texas USA)

I have always loved to be creative and one of the ways I like to do that is to paint. I find abstract to be the best for me because there are really no mistakes! Having said that, this past Sunday, I bought 10 of your DVD lessons. Thank you very much for making such great teaching DVD…I feel like I got this now!

(Flowers & Hanging by a Thread Art Lessons)



CLAUDIA Age 7 years (Sydney Australia) Claudia was really excited to see her artworks on your site. She has been watching your dvd’s with me, and seeing the artworks that I have been creating. Though she is only seven years old, she was very keen to try her own canvas. As you can see, she has taken to painting like a duck to water. Thanks so much for sharing your abstract are techniques, you have inspired a future artist. Regards, Graham (Father)


ANOOP SINGH (Sydney Australia)

Just wanted to write and say that I have thoroughly enjoyed making some of the artworks you have shown on your instructional DVDs. I had been interested in exploring abstract art for a while but could not find any art classes that were suitable in relation to their timing (I work full time and most of the classes on offer in Sydney seemed to be on during business hours). Instead I came across your DVDs and they were exactly what I was after. I am sharing some of the paintings I have done so far.

Cheers Anoop


RUTH TAYLOR (Birmingham, United Kingdom)

Hi Glenn, Just wanted to say how much I have learned, grown and developed in my wanting to paint abstract art, thanks to you. I love the way I can sit at my computer with my download of “Horizon” and its like having you in the room with me. I have never done abstract textured work before, and I can sincerely say that I learned so much from your clear instruction. You are indeed a wonderful artist and tutor. My goal is to keep learning to paint and I am so glad that I have found an art tutor the other side of the world, who is only a few seconds away from me. Thanks again.



Hi Glenn, I am sending you this painting that everyone is going nuts over. After watching your video’s and doing that first big blue flower painting that I sent you. I have this favorite hibiscus plant that has amazing color. I thought why cant I do texture in the center and make it stand out even more. To tell you the truth, still when I look at it I can not believe I did it.. lol. My Art teacher wants to enter it in many jury Art Competitions. She said I can get a lot of money for it. Although she wouldn’t say what a lot is. lo. It is 3 foot by 4 foot canvas. I had so much fun painting it. Thanks you for getting me so excited about painting! God Bless you and your talent!



DOMENIC DAMBROSIO (Chester Springs Pennsylvania USA)

I didn’t love my first Blizzard so I tried a Tall Timbers. I actually don’t own that lession but I saw the demo on your YouTube site. I didn’t have the interactive paint on hand so I used basic acrylics. I really enjoy your lessions, so I’m looking to purchase a few more downloads. I just haven’t decided on which ones.


REBECCA WARING (Chelsea VIC Australia)

First of all I want to thank you for such amazing art lessons. I’ve downloaded a few now (meltdown, hanging by a thread, and flowers) and I am amazed at the results. I’ve never picked up a paint brush before and because you’ve given such clear, easy to follow instructions, I’ve been able to unleash the artist within! Meltdown – this was my very first download. I had never painted anything before in my life and I have to say I am impressed with the results. You made achieving such a striking work of art easy to create. Again, like your other videos, it was easy to follow and I couldn’t wait to get started on my own art. I’ve received a number of compliments about my meltdown art (my sister even put in a request for one!)


LEISA HAYLOCK (Lammermoor QLD Australia)

This is an example of the great works Leisa is creating from the Step by Step Abstract Art DVD series

MICHAEL EADY ( Washington DC USA ) Hello Glenn! Thank you so much for your help! Even more than that, thank you for your work. Finding your products has truly inspired me to create again, and I look forward to the journey! Much love from the U.S.!



RAMON RIGUAL (Lawrence, Massachusetts USA)

Hi glenn, this is Ramón the guy that you send the DVDs a weeks ago, ohh my friend the video was amazing I enjoined with my family, your art is different than the other artist my wife and sons was exited with your video, your hands are magical. I just send you a couples pics of the painting that I make, my wife and my sons are very happy with the painting and with the teacher that is you, so thanks for everything and I will be in touch, thanks…

GEORGE WEBER (Olney, Maryland USA) Received your 4 new videos and as always they are terrific. The introduction of Chroma paint has been a huge help. They perform perfectly and make the whole experience that much better. I hope you enjoyed your trip here to the US.

Sincerely George


PHILIP BROWNE (Mallow, Ireland)

Hi Glenn, Please see the attached , have I overdone the panels on this effort? The actual size of this canvas is 5′ x 3′ Perhaps the canvas is big enough in size to accommodate all the panel strips.

Thanking you, Philip Browne.



Hi Glenn, I am probably the biggest fan of your art work. The thought process behind each project be it Blizzard, Avalanche, Galaxy etc is wonderful.The quality and content of videos are world class. I am an IT professional and I must compliment the way the content on the Website is designed. It is so simple to Buy Downloads and watch the download on my machine. I must complement the technical team for promptly sorting out minor issues. The whole Eco system of Art Fusion is professional and that make it successful. I have recently painted few compositions attached here. It amazed me and my friends that what can be done out of house paints. The tips and tricks are street smart and you don’t need to follow the rules. The reason why I say this because I don’t get all the best quality Art material at my place but still people are amazed to see the results. I am blessed to have a mentor like Glenn. I wish all the success and many more great compositions in future.


LINDA BELLES (Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Glenn, Thank you for creating such fun videos on painting. I love doing abstract art even though I have no formal training. When my son needed decorations for his college apartment I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to create a few paintings. These are the ones I have created so far. I hope you like them! He already has the blizzard and tribal ones hanging up and gets compliments all the time. Soon I will be taking the horizon and galaxy ones to him. Again….thank you for all the fun and inspiration!


MAHER MAHER (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)

Maher does not speak good english but can still follow the abstract art lessons as you can see here.


ANDREW SNARY (Swansea United Kingdom)

Hi Glenn, I have just got to tell you this I`ve been painting landscapes for over 20 years in oil wet on wet style and have got very frustrated and to some extent bored with the style. I wanted to break into abstract, had allot of ideas but just did not know where to start. Sounds stupid I know but got into a rutt and very stereo typed with my art hense the boredom. Like yourself never taken or downloaded any lessons, but took the leep with you. I have been given a new lease of life (petrol in the engine) to the extent that I have not only cant stop painting till early hours, I am using acrylic which I swore I would never use. Now on my 3 download which is so easy to do and even opened my small studio again. Just like to say thank you for the inspiration to get going again.

Best Regards Andrew


BRANDON AARON (Birmingham Alabama USA)

Just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you for the wonderful lessons. The way you demonstrate each technique makes it easy to follow and has really inspired me to paint more. Yesterday I downloaded “Galaxy” from the website. After watching it a few times I decided to jump in and give it a go. See attached for the results of my first Galaxy attempt. I already see things I want to do differently on the next one with different colors and patterns. I have been selling abstract paintings on eBay for a year now and have added lots of ideas and techniques to my arsenal thanks to your videos. Thanks so much for all you have done for casual artists like myself who do this as a hobby.

Best regards, Brandon Aaron


AVEV OZARDA (Istanbul Turkey)

Hi from Istanbul! You have been such an inspiration to me, where I was browsing the web and looking for ideas for abstract painting. And I found you. I have downloaded Blizzard and Fluidity yesterday and have actually tried doing the Blizzard and it came out really well!!!! Believe it or not, I am only painting since 1 week now.. have so many walls to decorate and I will do it with your technique. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so generously (not many artists would do) … I really appreciate it! Thanks a lot again for sharing and being a great inspiration for doing this hobby throughout my life.

Alev Özarda Turkey

KATHY SHEERAN (Livonia Michigan USA)

I just wanted to thank you for the videos…I have sent you my pics of what I have painted so far…I am having such fun and I hope to sell a few of these if that is ok?

Thank You…Kathy


ISHAH MAHMOOD (Warwickshire United Kingdom)

Hi, I just wanted to say that your videos are absolutely AMAZING, I have not heard anyone explain as well as you do so SIMPLY. I’m going out to get tools and paints for my painting today and will be starting it. Once I have finished I will upload picture and feedback. Thank you so much, also, how often do you add video lessons (series).

Regards Ishah

KATHY SHEERAN (Livonia Michigan USA)

I just wanted to thank you for the videos…I have sent you my pics of what I have painted so far…I am having such fun and I hope to sell a few of these if that is ok?

Thank You…Kathy


ISHAH MAHMOOD (Warwickshire United Kingdom)

Hi, I just wanted to say that your videos are absolutely AMAZING, I have not heard anyone explain as well as you do so SIMPLY. I’m going out to get tools and paints for my painting today and will be starting it. Once I have finished I will upload picture and feedback. Thank you so much, also, how often do you add video lessons (series).

Regards Ishah

RAELENE WALSH (Warrnambool VIC Australia)

Hi Glen, Here is some of my artwork that I have done from your DVD’s … You’re DVD’s are awesome, I ordered the Galaxy one as a download on the weekend, that is the next one I am doing…I have done paintings over the years, as I am self taught, but there was alot of things I don’t know, I normally just did block colours, but with your DVD’s I have learnt how to blend colours properly, I already have someone interested in my paintings, he has just built 5 holiday apartments here in Warrnambool ( its where I live), and he wants me to do the artwork for him..Must admit I am a bit nervous… Wish I could paint all day…Thanks again for your great DVD”s, Hope you realease some more.

Kind Regards Raelene


MUNIRA KARIMI (Coquitlam Canada)

I just paint as a hobby. When I came across your lessons, I was amazed at how simple and easy you made it with your step by step guidance. I bought all your lessons and have throughly enjoyed it. Now I am eagerly waiting for your new lesson series. Can you let me know when will it be available? Thank you, Munira

FRANCES (Melbourne Australia)

I am filled with wonderment at your beautiful works of art…thank you so much for sharing your wonderful techniques with us. I have enjoyed your DVD’s very much ….they have inspired me no end. I would love to attend some of your classes, but alas I live in Melbourne. I will, however look forward to more DVD’s with great anticipation. I recently hosted “The biggest morning tea” on behalf of the Cancer Council where I exhibited some my works together with another artist. I have attached a few of my pictures one of which I combined a couple of your techniques…(and guess what DVD inspired me the most! Ha ha). I will look forward to your constructive criticism. Thanks again for sharing your gift.

Kind regards Frances


JOE BESPFLUG (Calgary Alberta Canada)

Hello Glenn, I had purchased your dvds about 2 weeks ago. I have always been interested in abstract art. Just never put the time into trying it. But that soon changed, I have done a couple paintings so far and thought I would send you a pic of what I’ve done. Thanks for the DVDs.




Hi Glenn, Having recently downloaded your art lessons I thought I’d contact you to say “Thank you!” I wanted to start a new hobby about 8 months ago and thought I’d have a go at painting, and then, purely by accident, recently came across your website whilst looking for some abstract sunset pictures. It resulted in me downloading your sunset lesson, followed quickly by all the other lessons from your DVD series!! The result is that I think I have now embarked on my creative phase in life, with your lessons being a great inspiration to me. Now, I am by no means an artist, but I am actually proud of some of the work that I have been able to produce thanks to your clear step-by-step direction!! What’s more, I am really enjoying working on each canvas and, as you say, if it goes wrong, it doesn’t matter, just paint over it and start again!!!! Anyway, I am pleased to say that now, as a (young) 50+, I have a new hobby that I am absolutely loving and will continue to do so….I’m actually amazed at how relaxed I am when I paint, and feel that I just haven’t got enough time to do it! In fact, that’s all I want to do at the moment!! So Glenn, thank you, and I look forward to any future DVDs that you may share with us…


Alright Glenn, You asked for it…so here are a few pieces inspired by your lessons. I hope to hear some honest feedback. Please know that I’d never painted a single thing before randomly coming across your entries on YouTube. I can’t stop, it’s a total addiction!! Looking for more classes from you, your techniques are so easy but so cool! Thanks again, come to Chicago to do some teaching!

Best, Aaron


Charmian Webster (Kenthurst NSW Australia)

Hey there Glenn. Thanks so much for your videos and your generous and prompt answers to questions. Thought I would add some photos of my dandelion. I had so much fun and found it quite exhilarating to start and finish a painting in one day. I usually dilly dally about for ages wondering what to do next. This is therapy!!! as well as being deeply useful around the home. I’m attaching photo of a table I painted using your dandelion tutorial. I love my permanent tablecloth. I really appreciate your tutorials.

Thanks again Charmian


Tina Eiriz (Newfoundland Canada)

I was so excited when I noticed that you had new downloadable lessons available. My favorite is Fluidity, maybe because it is very modern and easy… lol. I finished many paintings, too many to send you, so I just sent a few.. hope you like the job I did. Keep up the good work.



Lauren Griffith (Corrimal NSW Australia)

Hi Glenn, Here is my mothers first painting after following your techniques in one of your DVD’s. I thought she was pretty clever!! regards Lauren


MILO LETHO (Mt Kuring-gai NSW Australia)

I have purchased all your DVD’s and found them really easy to follow with amazing results. My 15 year old son recently went on his year 9 trip to the Northern Territory and Kakadu. He also had to present a personal report on the trip, highlighting areas that were important to him. The sunset at Kakadu over the waterholes is a memory that will stay with him forever and he decided that a painting would express the colour and majesty of the scene rather than words. The only draw back was that this was to be a public presentation in front of students and relatives and he had never really completed a painting before. However I referred him to your DVD’s and we decided to combine SUNSET and HORIZON . After two attempts (thin paint is the secret) he achieved a remarkable piece that got him a huge round of applause and exclamations. He explained that the work was 100% his own and that he was taught the method via your art series which allowed him to improvised and make it his own. I have included photos and you are free to use them as you wish.

Many thanks Cara and Milo Letho.


KATH HINDE (Launceston Australia)

I am so glad I discovered you. I have never painted before, but have always admired abstract art. I am having so much fun experimenting with colours, paints and techniques. You make it look so easy, and are an excellent teacher. My canvas size is growing each time – shame I have such a small house! I thought I would share with you the artworks I have done recently from watching your DVDs. I am thrilled with what I have done.Thank you again for sharing your talent with us. Kind regards, Kath


ANGELA GALATI (Sydney NSW Australia)

Hi Glenn, These are my flowers, had fun doing them they’re not perfect but i’m proud and so does everyone else that see’s them. I put a different background to suit my decor, everyone says they’re bright and cheery..LOL. Everything was explained perfectly on the dvd, as all of your dvd’s. Thanks so much I had heaps of fun and learnt to use the different medium as well.



LIAM GRACE (Boyne Island QLD Australia)

My son said sorry it took us so long to reply to your email. We just wanted to send you a copy of our artwork done in the school holidays. My 10 year old son is very proud of his work. Thanks heaps, and we are looking forward to your next video. Regards Liam and Katrina Grace


ANGELA GALANTI (Sydney NSW Australia)

Hi Glen, I would like to thank you for sharing your talent and experience, I have done 2 of your paintings and have them both hanging in my home as I’m very proud of them. I can’t wait to buy more of your DVD’S. I have the flowers as well which I will be starting soon. You’ve made it so easy for us beginners to be able to start on this journey, your a great teacher and DVD’S are of high standard. Thank you, Angela



“The DVD was exactly what I expected as I watched the short version on your website. The instructions were very easy to follow and yes it has definitely been helpful in creating some of my artworks. I liked how you explained the different consistencies of the paint and how you showed the materials used at the end of each style. I had fun experimenting with your styles and am happy with the end result. I have attached a few pictures.”


JOEY SANTIAGO (Plainville Connecticut USA)

I purchased both of your series 1 & 2 and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your magnificent gift with the world. I too am an artist with so much more to learn so I decided to make the investment and wow, did I get my monies worth. I would like to invite you to view my gallery and see my rendition of “Hanging by a Thread” and “Sunset”. If you’re ever in the New England part of the USA, please drop me a line. Kindest regards Joey.


TINA EIRIZ (St.John’s , Newfoundland , Canada)

I finally finished my paintings. I had so much fun….I loved the DVD and the lessons that I downloaded on your website ….For some of the paintings I used acrylic paint, like you requested in your videos, and what a difference, it worked great. You are an excellent teacher. I’m looking forward to some new lessons to download.


MARCOS BECCAR VARELA (Buenos Aires Argentina)

Hello Glenn, I enjoy the video very much. I bought everything today (materials), and made my first peace or “art” ever, and very happy with the result. Here I am sending you a picture of it, I had to make some little changes so I can give it my own touch. Not much, because I wanted to learn doing everything as you tell in the lesson. I am going to buy more videos, and I hope you extend your lessons, so I can learn more techniques. (sorry for my English ) Thanks again Marcos



Glenn, My DVD’s arrived yesterday and I’ve watched them all. I work as a production designer in film and television and must say, the quality of your videos is very good. I am so excited, I don’t know which piece to start with and which colors to use. Woooo Hooooo! Thank you for sharing your techniques. Your enthusiasm, generosity and kindness come shining through. I have always believed everyone can be an artist and you prove that. Thank you for helping find my “bubble”. I will send pics as I get pieces done. I also look forward to more DVD’s. I’m off to my studio.

DOUG JONES (Collierville Tennessee USA)

I bought one DVD and enjoyed it so much… I bought the second one. I thoughly enjoyed both DVD’s. I’m not an artist but your DVD’s made it fun to learn. I have attached 3 paintings I am most proud of. Art happens… some other paintings were good and some not so good. Each time I had fun doing it.

Regards Doug


LUCIA PAWLAK (Cardiff United Kingdom)

Hi Glenn, I thoughly enjoyed both of your DVD’s. I thought the quality of the filming was excellent and your techniques were very clearly explained and easy to follow. My favorites from the DVD’s are Hanging by a Thread, Sunset and Hidden City. The other styles I would like to see on your next DVD’s are, Chocolata texture, Galaxy series and the Tiger. Keep up the good work.

Cheers Lucia

PASTOR JOHN BARRETT (Martinsville Indiana USA)

The DVD Series was GREAT!!! Really enjoyed how easy it was to follow along. The timing, style, and instructions were fantastic. I have been able to create the artworks personally and am very pleased with them. I am looking forward with great anticipation of the next series of artworks. Any style would be great, I am a big fan of ALL that you do. Keep it coming!!!

VONNIE OLESINSKI (Port Noarlunga South Australia)

Thanks Glenn, the videos are most helpful, and I have learnt some different techniques. You don’t need to improve anything and I would love to see any other styles you have to offer, attached is an artwork I tried from your technique, called “Yakka grass on blue”. It is only small and sorry about the flash.

Regards Vonnie


KAREN FUNG (Calgery Alberta Canada)

Hello Glenn, I love my series 1 & 2 DVD. I would love to see Colors of India, Tribal Unity, Galaxy Bondi Beach & Flowers in your next DVD series. Can’t wait to purchase your next series. Well Done Glenn! Karen

BEV BRADFORD (Belmont NSW Australia)

I received your DVD’s on Friday, and after watching both decided to get busy. I tried a “sunset” but wasn’t happy with it so have painted over it and will try again next week. All was not lost as I put your blending technique into action and created the attached canvas’s. Your DVD’s gave me the confidence to lay the paint down and get myself a bit messy. I will try “hidden city” after I master “sunset”. In your next series I would love to see how you create 1. Galaxy 2. Fluidity and 3. Choc Fusion. Can’t wait. My paintings weren’t dry when I took these photos. Thank you so much for sharing your talent, it has certainly given me a boost. Regards Bev.

BEV BRADFORD (2nd Feedback)

Hi Glenn, Thanks so much for your follow up email. Your DVD’s are great, I don’t have any ideas on how you can improve them because they are very informative as they are. They show the methods and give the viewer the confidence to give it a go. I am desperate to see how you create the Galaxy series and can’t wait for Choc Fusion and Fluidity. Galaxy and Choc Fusion intrigue me. I’ve tried Galaxy but end up with a bit of a mess. I really would love to see them in the next DVD. Can I dare to hope your next DVD will be out soon. Thanks for the interest. Bev

TANYA LOWELL (Buffalo Michigan USA)

I enjoyed all the videos I purchased. I completed a couple of paintings. My best one yet is the hanging by a thread. The red poles I tried, but didn’t turn out as well as I wanted, and I am going to re-do that one. I would like to see more combination’s of color choices. I am an art student, and can understand complementary colors, but I’m guessing that other people that purchase the series will be more apprehensive at trying new colors. Thanks again and I love your videos. PS. The inclusion of someone there following your instruction is great!

PHIL McARTHUR (Taynuilt Scotland UK)

I have watched series 1 and 2 of your DVDs and thought they were EXCELLENT. You are a very good presenter, explaining the techniques clearly and with passion which is what I wanted to see. I like your style of presenting and the camera work is good too.The DVD’s were totally up to my expectations, very well presented and inspiring and I would like to see more series in the future.

Essaji Vahanvati (Mumbai India)

My wife and I both went through the first DVD an found it very useful, instructions were very clear and helpful. We had great fun (attempting) painting. We shall soon look at the second DVD and attempt another painting. We plan to try further with the hope to obviously improve. I am attaching copies of our first attempts, obviously they are very basic and not photographed properly. We would love to see a video on how to paint the Zebra painting as they look really nice.

Cheers Essaji.


NOLITA GRAY (Stockbridge Georgia USA)

The DVD’s definitely exceeded my expectations. I was surprised at how easy it is to create you own artwork. You make learning fun and easy. I created a small piece and I am now working on a 2nd piece. Once I complete the 2nd piece I will email the picture to you.


ABDALLAH (Meru Kenya Africa)

These DVD’s are cool. This style is all new to me, there’s nothing like this in Kenya. It’s been a blast creating all this new funky stuff. I bought both DVD’s and learnt heaps about different techniques. Much better than the boring art classes I’ve done before! My friends can’t believe how great my paintings are and some of them are gonna try them too. Thanks for answering my email questions, that was great. I hope you make series 3 soon cause I love your stuff and wanna learn more.


DIVYA TOMAR ( Noida India )

Glenn, I am honoured to receive your reply. Here in India, according to our traditions, you are my guru. I enjoy painting, and now you have exposed me to a completely new dimension. I have already bought both your DVDs but I couldn’t wait for them to arrive, so I also downloaded the two lessons. Tonight I am going to make the blizzard. On a big 2 m canvas. This time I am going to do it according to your lesson, but as I have already stocked lots of canvasses of different sizes, I am going to show you my play of colors- very soon. One never tells the Guru “Keep it up”. However, I can thank you from the bottom of my heart for the direction you have showed me, and the inspiration. I impatiently await more DVD series from you. Thank you

MELISSA MARTIN (Canberra ACT Australia)

I was inspired by your DVD and as you can see from my attached photo, I really enjoyed putting your tips and techniques into a piece I created for our lounge room. We recently built a new home and I used tester pots for a couple of the feature walls we painted to tie the artwork into the house as well as introducing some green to pick up colours in our furnishings. I am really happy with it and would love to buy another one of your DVD’s to create more artwork for the house. Thank you for your email and I look forward to sending more pieces I plan to create over the coming months.

Regards Melissa



I personally just started painting about six months ago and I am really interested in doing modern abstract art which can be used in completing an updated space or adding in the final touch to a new design. Watching your DVD’s gave me some very crucial skills in doing what I want to do, as I really relate to your style. I cannot honestly say anything negitive about the series, you are very detailed in your explinations and I appreciate that you show other finished works in the same style with varying colors. Thanks again and keep making more!


CARL TEATHER (Lincolnshire UK )

Thank you so much for the DVD’s I bought from you. So glad I bought both DVD’s as the instruction is so simple and inspirational in showing how to create excellent artworks. I created my first artwork after watching one of the tasks. I would certainly recommend these DVD’s for their easy instruction and inspirational value. I can’t recommend them enough.




Love the DVDs they are great, very easy to follow. I personally have only been able to produce “Grasses” and “Red Poles”. I am not intrested in Hanging by a Thread or Hidden City so have not tried them. As for Blizzard and Sunset I have not been able to do them, I get real close to getting a Sunset….but Blizzard no way it is just a big sloppy mess I have know idea what I do wrong but it’s bad! I would very much be intrested in seeing you show how to do Fusion texture, Framed, Fluidity and Galaxy series. Just about everything you do would be nice. Is it possible to learn the Zebra? or does one need to be able to draw?

VALERIE GEORGE (Cessnock NSW Australia)

I loved the first DVD so much I purchased the second series they were very well produced and easy to follow. I would love to see the Galaxy series and some of textured ones on next DVD.

Regards Valerie

NATALIE GREEN (Cairns QLD Australia)

I found you on You Tube, and that is what prompted me to buy your DVD’s. I commenced painting 4 years ago when we moved to Cairns and bought a tropical home. I started painting on the kitchen floor, not a balcony like you did. I am always looking for new ideas, and concepts and I love your styles. I want to learn and develop more, but don’t want to go to art school and do the ‘stuffy’ stuff. I have painted a Hidden City and am very happy with it. I had paint oozing up between my toes (bare foot in Cairns) I always have more paint on me than the canvas. My next project will be Hanging by a Thread. I have just had another look at your website and the artworks I would like to see on your next DVD’s are the Galaxy series. I love the way your paint moves. Enough about me, keep sharing your ideas, it’s great and I will be waiting for your next DVD.

Cheers Natalie



Glenn, I think your DVD’s are well done. I mostly watched the Blizzard and the Hidden City demo’s. I found my paint was looser than yours so when I tried Hidden City I lost the horizontal bands behind the drips, but I will give it another try. I did try putting heat under it as it dried and that worked great. I will not send you pic’s yet of what I painted as they are quite bad (LOL) I will paint over them and try again, I enjoyed the process, so I am quite amused at my botched attempts. I will send you pic’s once I have something that I am pleased with. I have a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) but never really concentrated on painting, so it was nice to watch someone doing it first and then trying to do it myself, before that I was just making a mess. Thanks Jodie.


“I purchased the DVD , and just thought it was wonderful I have attached the paintings I did following your instruction on your DVD . I would love to purchase more!”



“I found your DVD Series very helpful and easy, it’s amazing what you can do with your old paint. I don’t think you need to improve any future DVD’s these were done perfectly you explained everything very well. As far as for your new DVD series do you have any ideas for doing mountains, wildlife & landscaping? Thanks again and keep up the great work!”

JOAN BARNES (Narellan NSW Australia)

The DVD’s are great and more than live up to my expectations. The instructions are very easy to follow and set out so clearly – I just wish I had a good area like yours to make a mess! The DVD has been really helpful as I have numerous sample pots of house paint and that I didn’t know what to do with – now I do! Unfortunately life has become pretty hectic since I bought the DVD’s and I’ve only managed to do one artwork (the grasses one). Not bad for first try – just need to re-watch the video to work out how to get my grasses to look as good as yours. Also need to visit an art store to find some lino (unfortunately all the lino I’ve found lately is pre-backed with glue). I am looking forward to finding some free time to try the other styles – especially the hidden city one. I hope this feedback is useful. I have searched high and low for artworks in retail stores/galleries that suit my house decor and never really found anything I loved or was the right colour scheme. Your DVD’s are a god send and I’m looking forward to creating some artworks to suit my home and/or give away as presents for friends. Thanks again Glenn and keep up the great work. Cheers, Joan


I truly have enjoyed your DVD’s!!! I have created 2 paintings (with your guidance) and have them hanging in my home. I found your instructions so easy to follow and I am looking forward to your new DVD’s!! I have also given a painting to a friend for his 21st birthday!! I think your presentation on the DVD’s was excellent. I’m partically interested in the Choc Fusion texture, Cyclone, Galaxy and the Fluidity series paintings. But having said that, I love all o fyour paintings!!!! When do you think you might be releasing the next DVD’s in the series?”


“I thought the videos were terrific and you laid out the steps very clearly. Nice job! I still haven’t painted the “Blizzard” on the huge canvas I bought, but I have all the paints and supplies and I might do it this weekend. My wife, the real artist in the family, wants to do a “Hanging By a Thread” painting. We’ll definitely email you some images. We thought the DVDs were excellent quality and we’re looking forward to your next one. We’d particularly like to learn how to do the types of paintings you have in your “Galaxy” and “Fluidity” series as well as the piece you titled “Framed.”

Hello I wish to express to “ArtFusion” my gratitude for the interesting and instructive path that leads forward, for me it is very educational and inspiring especially the review the tutorial in Download, finally, a thank Glenn for the sympathy and communication. I enclose some of my creations.

Fabio da Monza Italy


Hello, Glenn!

It’s Kaplan Svetlana, from Israel. I have almost all your lessons and I have already done some of the pictures, following your very clear lessons.

From Israel


Hi Glenn

Here is a picture of a recently completed ‘flowers’! Love your step by step videos, it allows me to pause, rewind and re watch until I get it right!

Jen Pescod, Ontario, Canada (Flowers Art Lesson)


Hello Glenn,

Thanks for the superb video tutorial, please find attached my complete artwork. It’s 60x50cm in size, and took a little over 5 days to complete. I started with a dark blue and light blue light background, before moving onto oranges, reds and purples, making sure each layer / colour was dry overnight.

James Gorvett Manchester United Kingdom (Geometric Art Lesson)


I call this one Keneska. I chose the colors from seeing on the news a fire at a chemical plant that burned green and yellow. Its’ on a 24″ 30″ canvas. I took your advise and coated with polyurethane which makes it very shiny.

Greg Ramey USA (Galaxy Art Lesson)


Hi Glenn

Here are some of the paintings I have done using your excellent techniques. The zebras were done first (4×3 feet) and I thought this would work well for the painting of Molly, my Dalmatian who sadly has passed away but I have a wonderful 4×3 feet memorial of her on my wall. I loved doing the grasses and chose colours to match my bedroom where it is proudly displayed (4×3 feet). Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making it so easy to achieve professional paintings.

Kindest regards and happy painting from

Vivien Nelson, Ontario, Canada. (Zebra & Grasses Art Lessons)


Hi Glenn,

Here is my first attempt at Carnivale. It’s the largest single canvas that I have painted. Your how to video was a huge help, and helped me to
produce this artwork. I will be painting more in this style.

Thanks Graham Australia (Carnivale Art Lesson)


This one I titled ‘Little Bird’, as a little yellow bird just happened to appear in the painting which was a nice surprise – see if you can find it! This is my favourite technique as you just never know what you are going to get – it’s always a surprise. Size 800mm x 400mm

Thanks for your time, more on the way.

Lisa Heaton Australia (Galaxy Art Lesson)


The art lessons are designed to encourage someone to be creative with their art work.

Charles Williams New Orleans Louisiana USA (Confetti, Grasses, Tall Timbers & Hanging by a Thread Art Lessons)


I started painting in 2013 , it was sort of a gift from God to help me through difficult times I went through at the time. I was never a painter nor was I good at drawing
so I concentrated on color harmony technique. Watching your DVD series made me realize how simple and fun your techniques are, thanks a lot Glenn … My next projects will be
Carnivale and Confetti …

Happy Painting Glenn !!

Salah from Cairo Egypt (Dandelion, Grasses, Hanging by a Thread & Patchwork Art Lessons)


I have created my Butterflies using the same techniques you have taught us for the flowers. BUT: it is also by coincidence that I have made them ‘butterflies’ because they were planned to be flowers too!! and I was very surprised when a missed flower looked as if it would fly?!!…

I have had much, much pleasure creating them and was looking forward to send them all to you, somehow… and letting you know I was very very happy and grateful to you
and I wish you, Mr. Farquhar, a great continuation with your work!!!

Thanks again, Elaine Landry Quebec Canada (Flowers Art Lesson)


For years! I had been trying to paint FLOWERS!! without any satisfaction (and success)… Your teaching of the flowers has given me great, immense joy as I tried, with your technique to paint my HUGE!, beautiful flowers… I have watched this DVD of your flowers so manytimes, I almost know it by heart!

I am very happy and proud to send it to you and thank you so very much again.

Elaine Landry Quebec Canada (Flowers Art Lesson)


Hello Glenn,

just want to share my abstract artwork (5 pictures) that was inspired by your wonderful videos. I found them by a fortunate coincidence and have been loving immediately what I saw. I love painting big pictures and your techniques hit the spot for me.

Take care and many thanks for sharing your inspiration.

Daniela (Germany) (Blizzard, Tribal Unity, Dandelion & Patchwork Art Lessons)


Hi Glenn and all,

Please see the attached. It is a Tall Timbers piece. I have used the Atelier interactive acrylic paints this time and it made the whole process much simplier and easier, especially when it comes to blending. I decided to have 3 small canvases instead of one large canvas. The dimensions of each are 28″ X 16″ making for an overall display of 48″ X 28″.

I think having a 3 picture canvas adds to the overall effect. Thanking you again,

\Philip Browne, Mallow, Ireland. (Tall Timbers Art Lesson)


Hi Glen,

I live in British Columbia, Canada. Tried the “Dandelion” artwork on 3/4″ ply and it worked a treat , 3 separate pieces all with their own individuality. Really pleased with the final result thanks again Glen for the lesson.