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SERIES 13 Harlequin Lady Includes 1 Art Lesson

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Glenn takes you through in fine detail how you can paint your own amazing abstract artwork.

Duration Approx. 90 minutes

Watch Glenn create this amazing artwork from start to finish in Step by Step format.

Glenn explains in detail the process and the materials used.


Product Description

Included in this Abstract Art Lessons  is a complete list of artists materials & examples of colour combinations required to create your own individual abstract artwork.

There is no experience necessary to create the artwork in our Step By Step Abstract Art series. Glenn has made the steps so easy to follow, that you will be amazed at how easy it is.

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create their own great artworks using our instant download series.

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Preview of Series 13 Abstract Art Lessons

Kevin Lee (Australia)

I have just purchased this lesson and have watched it from beginning to end. I have also purchased many of the other online lessons. In my opinion this is the best of the lot. Thank you so much.


Lena Amgarth-Duff (New Zealand)

I bought both harlequin and the spiral. The spiral as you said requires more handiwork, and my husband is far from that haha. The harlequin was so good. Thank you, you have inspired me with your artwork.

Litte Andrews (United Kingdom)
I have just watched the Harlequin lady on my Ipad and cannot wait to start trying to paint it. Keep the lessons coming. Thank you so much.