Series 7 Includes 2 Art Lessons

Geometric – Tall Timbers

Glenn takes you through in fine detail how you can paint your own amazing abstract artwork.

Duration Approx. 120 minutes


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Included in this Art Lessons Instant Downloads is a complete list of artists materials & examples of colour combinations required to create your own individual abstract artwork.

There is no experience necessary to create the artwork in our Step By Step Abstract Art series. Glenn has made the steps so easy to follow, that you will be amazed at how easy it is.Click here to check out other peoples feedback from around the world who have been able to create their own great artworks using our instant download series.

Art Lessons Instant Downloads

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abstract-art-lessons-geometric-tape geometric-abstract-art-online-lessons

Hi Glenn and team, I have enclosed 2 Geometric paintings I created using your principles from Series 7 DVD. In the 2 paintings below I have used
Atelier interactive Acrylic interactive paint . I have found the use of atelier Heavy gel gloss with the blue masking tap has enabled me to produce nice Sharp edges.
The top painting is 76×120.
The bottom painting is 82×82. in this painting I have combined the heavy gel gloss with the red to give some texture as well.
Your tutorial series DVD’s have given me hours of enjoyment in my golden years .
Many thanks Glenn

Cheers Pat Valmadre Australia


KAREN IRWIN (New Zealand) I have only started painting this year and find your DVD’s quite useful, not sure if I could ever just leave a galaxy painting intact but I will try a couple more just to see.


Hi Glenn,
Please see the attached. It is a Tall Timbers piece. I have used the Atelier interactive acrylic paints this time and it made the whole process much simplier and easier, especially when it comes to blending. I decided to have
3 small canvases instead of one large canvas. The dimensions of each are
28″ X 16″ making for an overall display of 48″ X 28″.
I think having a 3 picture canvas adds to the overall effect.
Thanking you again,
Philip Browne, Mallow, Ireland. ______________________________________________________________________

Hello Glenn,
Thanks for the superb video tutorial, please find attached my complete artwork.
It’s 60x50cm in size, and took a little over 5 days to complete. I started with a dark blue and light blue light background, before moving onto oranges, reds and purples, making sure each layer / colour was dry overnight.
James Gorvett Manchester United Kingdom


DOMENIC DAMBROSIO (Chester Springs Pennsylvania USA) I didn’t love my first Blizzard so I tried a Tall Timbers. I actually don’t own that lession but I saw the demo on your YouTube site. I didn’t have the interactive paint on hand so I used basic acrylics. I really enjoy your lessions, so I’m looking to purchase a few more downloads. I just haven’t decided on which ones.

download-abstract-art-lessons-geometric-tape. Geometric-abstract-art-lessons-downloads
Hi Glenn,
I have attached some geometric abstract paintings I have done using your lessons. Hope they can be displayed on your site if you like them.
Nigel Hoare (New South Wales Australia)