Series 6 Includes 2 Art Lessons

Horizon – Fluidity

Glenn takes you through in fine detail how you can paint your own amazing abstract artwork.

Duration Approx. 86 minute


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Included in this Abstract Art Lessons Instant Downloads is a complete list of the artist material & examples of colour combinations required to create your own individual abstract artwork.

There is no experience necessary to create the artwork. In our Step By Step Abstract Art series. Glenn has made the steps so easy to follow, that you will be amazed at how easy it is.Click here to check out other peoples feedback from around the world who have been able to create their own great artworks using our instant download series.

Abstract Art Lessons Instant Downloads

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RUTH TAYLOR (Birmingham, United Kingdom) Hi Glenn, Just wanted to say how much I have learned, grown and developed in my wanting to paint abstract art, thanks to you. I love the way I can sit at my computer with my download of “Horizon” and its like having you in the room with me. I have never done abstract textured work before, and I can sincerely say that I learned so much from your clear instruction. You are indeed a wonderful artist and tutor. My goal is to keep learning to paint and I am so glad that I have found an art tutor the other side of the world, who is only a few seconds away from me. Thanks again.


KATHY SHEERAN (Livonia Michigan USA) I just wanted to thank you for the videos…I have sent you my pics of what I have painted so far…I am having such fun and I hope to sell a few of these if that is ok? Thank You…Kathy

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KATH HINDE (Launceston Australia) I am so glad I discovered you. I have never painted before, but have always admired abstract art. I am having so much fun experimenting with colours, paints and techniques. You make it look so easy, and are an excellent teacher. My canvas size is growing each time – shame I have such a small house! I thought I would share with you the artworks I have done recently from watching your DVDs. I am thrilled with what I have done.Thank you again for sharing your talent with us. Kind regards, Kath

Tina Eiriz (Newfoundland Canada) I was so excited when I noticed that you had new downloadable lessons available. My favorite is Fluidity, maybe because it is very modern and easy… lol. I finished many paintings, too many to send you, so I just sent a few.. hope you like the job I did. Keep up the good work. Tina