Series 4 Includes 1 Art Lesson


Glenn takes you through in fine detail how you can paint your own amazing abstract artwork.

Duration approx. 75 minutes


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Online Abstract Art Lessons Instant

Online Abstract Art Lessons Instant in this art lesson there is a complete list of artists materials & examples of colour combinations required to create your own individual abstract artwork.

There is no experience necessary to create the artwork in our Step By Step Abstract Art series. Glenn has made the steps so easy to follow, that you will be amazed at how easy it is.

Click here to check out other peoples feedback from around the world who have been able to

create their own great artworks using our instant download series.


Preview of series 4 art lessons


abstract-flowers-online-art-lessons learn-to-paint-flowers-art-lessons flowers-online-art-lessons. online-flowers-download-art-lesson

For years! I had been trying to paint FLOWERS!! without any satisfaction
(and success)… Your teaching of the flowers has given me great, immense
joy as I tried, with your technique to paint my HUGE!, beautiful flowers… I have
watched this DVD of your flowers so manytimes, I almost know it by heart!
I am very happy and proud to send it to you and thank you so very much again.
Elaine Landry Quebec Canada

large-textured-flowers-art-lessons-online. flowers-textured-art-lessons-online

abstract-textured-flowers-art-lessons textured-flowers-art-lessons-online
AARON SORENSON (Chicago USA) Alright Glenn, You asked for it…so here are a few pieces inspired by your lessons. I hope to hear some honest feedback. Please know that I’d never painted a single thing before randomly coming across your entries on YouTube. I can’t stop, it’s a total addiction!! Looking for more classes from you, your techniques are so easy but so cool! Thanks again, come to Chicago to do some teaching!
Best, Aaron

textured-flowers-abstract-art-lessons-online. heavy-texture-flowers-art-lessons
Maria was our 2nd Prize winner in our Flowers Art Competition
Maria Romero Ecuador South America
Dear Glenn, I am so happy!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much.
You can be sure I will continue painting. I so happy with my prize.
Also , never knows, some day I travel to Australia and visit you.

abstract-flowers-art lessons-heavy-texture large-abstract-textured-flowers-art-lesson
Hi Glenn
Here is a picture of a recently completed ‘flowers’! Love your step by step videos, it allows me to pause, rewind and re watch until I get it right!
Jen Pescod, Ontario, Canada