Series 3 Includes 2 Art Lessons

Avalanche – Galaxy

Glenn takes you through in fine detail how you can paint your own amazing abstract artwork.

Duration approx. 75 minutes


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Online Abstract Art Lesson

Online Abstract Art Lesson in this download there is a complete list of artists materials & examples of colour combinations required to create your own individual abstract artwork.

There is no experience necessary to create the artwork in our Step By Step Abstract Art series. Glenn has made the steps so easy to follow, that you will be amazed at how easy it is.

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create their own great artworks using our instant download series.

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Preview of series 3 art lessons


WAFA ABBASI (Texas USA) Hello Mr. Farquhar,
This is the first time I tried fluid acrylics to make this effect. I have enjoyed your video and doing this Art work! Thank you,


GREG RAMEY (USA) I made this piece using the galaxy technique. It is 18″ x 24″ on artists paper. I call it the beehive. It was super fun to create something so beautiful. Once framed it looks super nice and expensive. Only Glenn and I know the truth how easy it was to make. Your videos are quite inspiring. Thank you.

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SAURABH BHADKARIA (Bangalore India) Hi Glenn, I am probably the biggest fan of your art work. The thought process behind each project be it Blizzard, Avalanche, Galaxy etc is wonderful.The quality and content of videos are world class. I am an IT professional and I must compliment the way the content on the Website is designed. It is so simple to Buy Downloads and watch the download on my machine. I must complement the technical team for promptly sorting out minor issues. The whole Eco system of Art Fusion is professional and that make it successful. I have recently painted few compositions attached here. It amazed me and my friends that what can be done out of house paints. The tips and tricks are street smart and you don’t need to follow the rules. The reason why I say this because I don’t get all the best quality Art material at my place but still people are amazed to see the results. I am blessed to have a mentor like Glenn. I wish all the success and many more great compositions in future.

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Hi Glenn,
Thought I’d show you my favorite two galaxies I think I need to work on my technique some I’m moving the paint around quite a bit to get it to blend probably too much I’m going to try moving it less and see what happens.
Brian Broughten USA

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Dear Glen
After viewing your videaos , Galaxy and Avalanche I ceated the follwing paintings which I am please with. Thank you for showing me these techniques.Vince Ilarda