Art Lessons

Art Fusion offers an amazing one-on-one Art Lessons experience with world renown artist Glenn Farquhar

This is much more than just an art lesson, Glenn makes this experience a lot of fun which is ideal for couples and singles alike. We use large canvases, so after you have learnt how to paint a great abstract artwork in one lesson, you get to take it home and amaze your friends and family when you tell them that you are the artist who created this masterpiece.

Do I need to know how to paint or draw to be able to create a great artwork?

No, definitely not. The majority of people who come to our art lessons have no experience whatsoever. Glenn will guide you through his step by step art class to make sure you achieve a great result.

Suitable for ages 12 years and above.


To book a One-on-One art lesson just purchase a Art Lesson below and then contact us to make a time to suit you. If you would like to confirm a time prior to purchase, just contact us and we can help.