How do I sell my artworks

How do I sell my finished artworks?

A. Well the answer is with a lot of hard work. The first thing that all artists and artisans have to come to terms with is, they have to be honest with themselves, step back and say to themselves, would they pay for that particular piece of art or craft.

That is what the buyers are going to say. The buyer is looking for something that is unique, good quality and value for money. Unless you are a very well known artist and can command large prices, then artists have to be very realistic and keep their prices as low as possible. Once your prices are correct, you then have to do a lot of legwork so your work can be seen by as many people as possible. Buyers do not come to you, you have to find them, and when you do, your art or craft has to be value for money. The biggest mistake that artist make, is thinking their work is always worth more than people are willing to pay, therefore they sell hardly any artworks or crafts. When I started out trying to sell my work I was happy to sell just to cover my costs, then as I sold more my portfolio grew larger and my credibility grew with it. The more people who owned my work the more referrals I received. This also led to my confidence growing and I became more adventurous with what I created. I have found that I sold a lot more artworks when I realized that you have to be versatile with what you can create. A lot of artists tend to learn one or two styles and never venture further. A large amount of my work is sold to high end Interior Designers, when you work with this type of buyer they will tend to be more loyal to you when you are flexible, and can create whatever they ask of you. Forcing me to learn different techniques has been my main focus in creating a profitable business. If you check out my page or website you will be able to see some of the range of art techniques that I use in my artworks. I hope that some of this information can be helpful to any artists trying to sell their amazing creations.