How to Select Art

How to Select Art from Art Fusion Studio.

Please feel free to call in to Art Fusion Studio and Gallery any time to see How to Select Art.

Check out our range of ready to buy artworks. If you would like to be sure of one on-one-time with Glenn to make your selection please call and book an appointment.

If you would like to select a painting online please send a photo of the location in which you would like to hang a painting. Please include as much of the room as possible and perhaps a couple of different angles. Glenn then can superimpose a realistic image of how a painting will appear in that location

Glenn will choose several possible paintings depending on the location, the size of the wall and the colour scheme of the room. Please let Glenn know if you are planning to change elements and colours in the room.

Check out our Artworks for Sale page to see some of the many artworks in stock at Art Fusion Studio & Gallery.

If no existing painting is perfect for your room Art Fusion are happy to create the perfect custom artwork to your specifications.

Glenn is also available for personal in house consultations.

Art Fusion Studio & Gallery also specialise in Corporate Artworks which we can create in any size or style to suit your corporate requirements. Click here for Corporate Artwork Examples


See how a painting will look in your home. The client made three suggestions for an artwork to finish off the look of this colourful room, but these paintings did not really work. See below Glenn’s custom artwork sized and painted just for this room.


This painting looks better. Now what size will suit the room best?. We can make a canvas any size!