Behind the scenes at Art Fusion Studio & Art Gallery

At Art Fusion we can Create artworks to suit your home decor requirements in any size or style. We make our own stretched canvases and custom design our artworks so every artwork is an original one off just for your home

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One-on-One Abstract Art Lessons in our Sydney Art Studio

Art Fusion Studio & Gallery

One-on-One Art Lessons NO Experience required.

Great gift idea or treat yourself to a fun time while you create an amazing large artwork with professional artist Glenn Farquhar.

Glenn will take you through step by step to make sure you create a great artwork. All of the people you see in this video had NO previous art experience but still created masterpieces.

Details and prices contact 0408 864 373
Studio, 31 Parramatta Road Annandale

Lessons also available via instant download.

Custom Made Interior Design Artworks Sydney

Art Fusion Studio & Gallery

At Art Fusion we stock a large range of Interior Design Artworks in different styles and sizes.

We will also create artworks to suit your home decor using our designs or bring your own ideas for us to work with. All artworks are original one off artworks created in our studio by artist Glenn Farquhar at 31 Parramatta Road Annandale NSW

Contact us 0408 864 373

Invest in Corporate art

Invest in Corporate Art for your Workplace??Adding beautiful paintings to your workplace can assist with relaxation and enhance productivity and creativity. Have you thought about letting your organizational culture participate in the decision on which paintings to purchase or hire? You may choose to let your corporate team lead you to the best choice of artwork to hang close to each valued team members.

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Glenn Farquhar from Art Fusion talks about why Art is worth owning?

Art encourages people to ask questions and to think deeply about new ideas, experience fresh new perspectives and most importantly, it encourages us to take time out of our busy lives to reflect on more than just the need to survive. Abstract art which is so open to interpretation is particularly good for this purpose. Owning art allows people to express their personalities.

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