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Art Fusion Studio & Art Gallery

Art Fusion Studio & Art Gallery . Because everything is created in our studio, we can custom make artworks in any size up to 6 metres long. Customers can send their own art design ideas and we will custom create the artwork.

Art Fusion also teach anyone how to paint their own artwork with our online art lessons. These lessons are great fun for individuals or couples where you can create your own large artwork. Glenn will make sure that you create a masterpiece that you will be proud to hang on your wall.

How Art Fusion was formed.

Glenn Farquhar started a career as a plumber in the building trade, and being a professional Artist was the furthest thing from his mind back then. Glenn started his art career somewhat accidentally by painting art for his own home renovation. His paintings got noticed and so Glenn asked a variety of Interior Designers what their clients wanted most from an artist. The answer was flexibility, flexibility, so this is what Glenn offered them.

Glenn’s relationship with Interior Designers grew rapidly and producing art for fit outs and installations became his main focus. He expanded on this to eventually open his own art studio and art gallery.

Teaching how to paint

Creating and learning how to paint original artwork gave Glenn a great sense of achievement and satisfaction and he wanted to share that feeling with other aspiring artists who share a love of contemporary abstract artwork but lack the confidence to attempt their own abstract art. Glenn found the average person was looking for original interior design abstract art for their home, not mass produced prints or expensive investment art from galleries. Glenn felt he could provide a fun and creative alternative for people on a budget, without compromising the originality or quality of the artwork.

Glenn aimed to show people how much fun, and how easy it is, to learn to paint abstract art. He started to offer abstract art classes and found that people wanted to learn how to paint art like his. Glenn had a lot of art ideas and art techniques which he used in his art lessons and thought he could have people painting abstract art like his around the world. He decided to create his Step by Step Abstract Art DVD Series to share his abstract art classes with the people who could not come to his art studio. Now anyone who wants to paint abstract art like Glenn’s can learn to paint in the comfort of their own home, anywhere in the world.

Step by Step Abstract Art Lessons

The Step by Step Abstract Art DVD & downloadable series has proven to be a great success worldwide, with artists learning how to paint abstract art in a large range of art styles and art techniques. The feedback and photos from all of the artists from around the world has proven to Glenn that the need was there and that his lessons work.

Knowing what to paint can be the hardest part of learning how to paint abstract art. Once you know what to paint, you then need to know how to paint it. This is where the Step by Step Abstract Art DVD’s have been so helpful to the artists who follow Glenn’s art classes. Glenn teaches you the simple art techniques of how to paint the artwork with the art ideas and art techniques, and then it is then up to you to take your art in what ever direction you choose.

The Step by Step Abstract Art DVD series has all of the art ideas and art materials listed for you to have a great start and helps you take the guess work out of starting to learn how to paint your own artwork.



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